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"Negative" Nutrients OPTION

SheerVelvet Posts: 14 Member
It would be so helpful if we could enter "negative" entries. AS IN... a restaurant's "salad" is in the database but includes dressing. You do not eat the dressing. You know the nutrition of the dressing but you cannot back the dressing out of the entry without manually "re-entering" (creating) the adjusted salad as a whole new food. It would be more efficient to make 2 entries. #1 the salad as already in MFP then #2 the "negative" nutrients of the dressing.
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  • ninerbuff
    ninerbuff Posts: 48,737 Member
    You can make your own entry for any food you want to keep on your own list of foods you regularly eat.
    So make the salad with nutrition, sans dressing.

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