Anyone there 70+ Guildford, Surrey UK?

Looking for a MFP who also wants to see if it is possible to lose 2-3 stone when you are over 70! I think accountability might help! Thank you, Liz


  • Skylightsauc
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    Yes. I'm over 70 and trying to lose about 50 pounds. I've done it before 20 years ago, and it really wasn't hard at 50. I stuck to it then and I think the secret was small goals and consistency in logging meals. My weight has been slowly creeping up over the years and when I retired 5 years ago I gave up on eating healthy all the time. I want to lose weight and hopefully become more fit.
  • judyelizaj
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    I am over 70 and have gained and lost a lot over my lifetime. When I retired over 5 years ago, I began to gain and realized I am not as active as I once was. It now takes a much lower daily calorie goal for me to lose weight than it ever has before. Using the MFP app really helps me to figure out what to eat, especially studying the micro and macro nutrient reports. So far since June I have lost 23 pounds and I am happy with that. I need to lose over 100 more! Now I need to get in more activity.
  • Hisfatangel
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    Hi all! I am 73 and have been doing low carb off and on since 2001, when I lost 60 lbs. then gained 40 back over the years. I struggled to stay under 200 (I'm 5'2"). I am now at 178 and want to get to 150...which seems like an impossible dream. I would love to be friends and help you with accountability and myself as well.