My two NSV's for the day!

The first one happened at breakfast-

I left some food on my well proportioned and measured plate. Not because of my amazing newfound willpower, or because it was health food and it wasn't that good, (It was cottage cheese, so, it was awesome).

It was cause I was full!!!

And the second one was even better!

When I started on August first, my work pants were tight. In the middle of the month, they got looser, so I started wearing a belt, but I had to pull them up, because the belt would only fit around my middle.

This morning, I buckled the belt around my hips without even realizing it! And not even on the furthest hole!!!

And yesterday my coworker mentioned that my pants were looking really baggy and I should get some new ones ;-) Guess I will!


  • Congrats! I have been able to fit into a couple of pairs of pants that were either so tight and uncomfortable that I couldn't wear them or they just didn't zip up. It is truly motivating! Keep up the good work! :happy:
  • SherryIsRunner5
    SherryIsRunner5 Posts: 74 Member
    That's awesome!
  • Morgaath
    Morgaath Posts: 679 Member
    I found a belt to be my best way to measure success. Somewhere I have a picture of my belt with an arrow showing January and June and they are at the far ends. I don't care what the scale says, that belt doesn't lie.
    But now I am the ever so slow last 20lbs, trying to lose a 1lb a week for 10 of it (10 weeks), and 0.5 for the last 10 (20 weeks)...come on December!
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