Smoothies rich in vitamins?

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Hi all,

I’ve recently bought a blender with with the idea of incorporating fruits/veggies and therefore vitamins into my diet via smoothie.

My partner and I aren’t big veggie eaters but we enjoy fruit. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I ate a vegetable🥲

I want to get lots of vitamins in naturally, and all in one go. I just made my first smoothie and it’s honestly so gross…
Greek yoghurt,
Almond milk,
Chia seeds,
Baby spinnach,
Curly kale,

Does anyone have any recipes that are vitamin rich but don’t taste like *kitten* and make me want to throw up?🤮


  • Lietchi
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    Losing the kale would help 😆 honestly, it sounded great until I reached the kale, spinach and cucumber. It sounds vile.

    I would start with ingredients you know you like and then add an experimental single ingredient if you want to try something new. Just tossing a bunch of veggies into a fruit smoothie sounds like a recipe for disaster. (Some people actually like those kinds of smoothies, I guess, I'm not one of them 😁 )

    Might be good to pick sweeter veggies too, if you want to ease into vegetables. Carrots, bell peppers,...
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    I myself can't stand kale in a smoothie. Maybe try just the spinach along with with the fruit. Maybe add a touch of honey or other sweetener. Don't add a huge amount of spinach to begin with, then slowly over time add more.
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    I love green smoothies and the amount of fiber and micronutrients that I can get in them. Mine are probably 50-70% greens. However when I make them for my kids I use just a handful of spinach. Greek yogurt is tart I use protein powder instead but you could add fruit juice, honey or stevia to balance it. Cucumber is delicious in certain smoothies but not all and may be an squired taste. You can build up to more greens and more variety in greens. Start with just a touch of spinach and slowly replace some fruit with more spinach when you get to a decent amount replace some spinach with just a tiny bit of kale, etc.
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    Here's the amounts of fruit and kale I used to use.
    • Like others said, lose the kale.
    • Perhaps start with 30 g spinach and work up if you can.
    • The chia seeds were soaked for 24 hours, which is longer than necessarily, but I started tomorrow's batch soaking when I made today's smoothie. I used about 1/2 C water to soak the seeds and added the water plus the chia seeds into the food processor.
    • The tea was just for liquid, which you are accomplishing with ice.


    I had this for lunch during the warmer weather for years but eventually got burnt out on it.