If you could snap your fingers

And instantly be any weight, what weight would you choose?
I used to think I'd want to be 20 or 30 pounds underweight, so I could have all the pizza and not worry about weight. Now I'd choose 10 pounds under. I'm happy and satisfied with the way I eat now. 10 pounds would be plenty of wiggle room.


  • AnnPT77
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    I don't see the point of being at any weight other than somewhere near the weight I want to stay at (recognizing that a couple/three or so pounds up and down is normal). How I manage my eating to stay at that weight is a separate question, and pizza can be part of the equation.

    Someone at a healthy weight can eat quite a lot of pizza occasionally, and be fine, weight-wise. I'm on that path, and have been at a healthy weight for 7+ years now. I can (and do) eat a whole pizza by myself, and not a tiny one. I just can't do it super often. 🤷‍♀️
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    I don't think desiring to be 10 Lbs underweight so you can just eat like *kitten* is a particularly healthy mindset.

    I think she just means she feels the same way as me, and has enough “give” to cut loose sometimes. Sometimes I look at certain foods and just want to dive in, nose first, and hate hate hate the fact that I can’t, I have to be in control.

    Holidays are the worst. I have a pound of ground pecans sitting on the counter right now. I always make several batches of chocolate toffee cookies at the holidays, and look forward to sitting down and eating a whole pan of them by myself. I just can’t (I guess I mean won’t) do that anymore.

    Whenever I pass the display of Cadburys crispy snowballs, I stop and lovingly pet a bag and walk away with something missing from my heart. Lard *kitten* me ate two or three big bags a day of those when they were on the shelves. Thousands and thousands of calories but part of me still wants them. I still pick up a bag and check the nutrition in the vain hope it’s magically improved. 😢

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    Exactly. I've always thought in terms of losing weight, but now less than 10 pounds from goal, I'm starting to think more seriously about maintenance.
    I set my goal for 164.6=24.99 bmi. I can now see that’s not the goal I want. I want that to be the very top of my range. The weight at which the diet starts again NOW.
    When I was in my 20s, I weighed 20 pounds more at the end of winter than at the end of summer. But I don't haul hay, drive tractor all day, chase kids, etc like I did then, so I don't think the normal, easy seasonal see-saw will be that big. I will definitely have one. So what should I aim for? It's gonna require some more thought. Maybe 154=10 pounds less by the end of summer?
    No worry about losing too fast. It's taken me about 20 years to get this far.
    At the rate I'm losing now, I just hope I eventually get to 164. Lol.
  • Corina1143
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    And yes, if I could snap my fingers and lose the last little bit, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I've never had any problem maintaining during the last 20 years. It's the losing that's hard for me. I think it's partly that every time I lose a pound, I add just a little more activity.
  • NotGvnUp_EJ
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    I'd choose to be 150lbs, which is basically my goal weight. That would save me 30lbs of the stress and mental space used in trying and wanting to get to that weight.
  • TheUnhealthyDad
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    About the same as my current weight, just leaner.
  • Carni8991
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    I'd be happy 6 pounds lighter. I'm 5'0". I' love to be able to splurge once in a while but as a 61 year old female, I can't afford to fall off the wagon. At my size, just 3 or 4 pounds and my clothes don't fit.
  • AdahPotatah2024
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    I'd be 139! Even though I'm short, I feel like anything less than that would look unhealthy and then I'd be having to work to gain weight. 😅
  • HungryCatapilar24
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    If I could click my fingers I’d be 8st 7lbs strong and healthy and not eating anything I wanted because I didn’t gain weight.. I’d be eating healthier because it does matter what you put in your body. My body paid for it later with everything malfunctioning before I was 40.
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    Part of me wants to snap my fingers and be at my goal, but only if it comes with the knowledge of being able to maintain it. My history of yo-yo'ing (always above my goal although I was probably within 5 pounds of it in 2019) proves I need to learn what maintenance looks like for me.
    I'm hoping I've come across a possible solution, but that remains to be seen as I'm only on week two of my "move more without adding hours to my day" solution...
  • Corina1143
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    @HoneyBadger302 That sounds interesting. Care to share?
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    In 1997 I started doing a lot of long distance bicycling and went from 195 pounds to 180. Since then I've been up as high as 260. If I could be any weight at all I would go back to that 180. My goal is 190 - probably more realistic since I'm in my sixties not 40 like I was that year.
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    Id like to to be 145, Currently 147.... :)