Intense night/evening cravings??

How do you resist them? Just curious. I'm getting tired of chewing gum and drinking crystal light!


  • dumb_blondes_rock
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    How do you resist them? Just curious. I'm getting tired of chewing gum and drinking crystal light!

    buy an air popper for popcorn, you can have a TON of popcorn for little cals. I also like fudge pops that are sugar free or sugar free pudding.

    I guess that's not really resisting, but sometimes resistance will make the cravings stronger, so I found snacking on these things helps a WHOLE bunch
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    I agree with popcorn. I like kettle corn since I'm usually craving something sweet.
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    I took a peak at your diary before responding. Thank you for having an open one. Unless there is a special reason, such as a plan you are trying to stick with, you might try adding some protein to your dinner. Fruit is high in natural sugars so your body can burn those calories quickly, making you hungry later in the evening.
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    If I were you, I'd eat more in general. 1200cals a day won't kill you, but it certainly would leave me feeling hungry at night. Your profile says you've been yo-yoing the last 20 pounds and that could be because you're not satisfied with 1200 calories so you end up over eating.

    Going up to say, 1350 will not make you gain over the long term, but may aid in reducing late night cravings. I would suggest eating back your exercise calories to start since it doesn't look like you do that, but really I think you should find your TDEE and cut 15-20% per the advice in this thread:
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    You're hungry because you're under eating.

    Have a later dinner with 20-40g of protein and some fats.

    Eat more. The link posted is a good one to read.
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    I don't. I save some calories so that I can eat later when I get hungry. And do read the linked post. It's quite helpful.
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    cut sugar out of your diet completely and have complex carb without protein for supper.