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iOS iPhone 14 & 15 barcode scanning improvements

I've been frustrated that the barcode scanning is so much worse in my iPhone 14. There is a solution. On these phones, the app developer must switch the camera to "Macro Mode" when entering the bar code scanning option. This is because the focal length of the default camera is much longer than prior models. Would you please explore modifying your app to use Macro Mode for barcodes?
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  • Jean
    Jean Posts: 719 MFP Staff
    edited April 3
    Thanks for pointing this out! For those running into this, would you mind emailing our Support Team at, so we can further investigate?
  • oozi
    oozi Posts: 1 Member
    I have exactly the same issue (and I can see on other threads that others are as well). Any chance this'll be addressed?
  • 421greenie
    421greenie Posts: 1 Member
    Glad I read this. I was just going to upgrade to the premium version of this so that I could scan. I have an iPhone 14 pro and don’t plan on upgrading my phone anytime soon. It’s a shame that your barcode does not work on iPhones below the 16.