41 pounds gone in half a year.

The left was me at my heaviest 205 lbs 5”7 and 24 years old. On my right 164, 25 years old. It really got me when a former student of mine saw me and said “Miss you look 15 years younger” I hadn’t realized how much my weight was holding me back from being an effective and energetic teacher, plus in my personal life. It is extremely hard day in and day out. But I try my hardest to make every day one that will last a lifetime. tfpfiyx26b1h.jpeg


  • millej238
    millej238 Posts: 24 Member
    Awesome work! Can you tell us a little more about how you've done this? Macros / Calorie range and training?
  • GregoryStaley
    GregoryStaley Posts: 58 Member
    Very motivational! Great routine. Do you feel you have lost any strength? GREG
  • walkintofit
    walkintofit Posts: 3,587 Member
    U look great! and look at that smile! and yes u do look happier and younger.
  • nolongergordo
    nolongergordo Posts: 37 Member
    Nice work :)

    It's really good that you have a structure to your approach as it'll provide true consistency to your healthy lifestyle. Keep up the great work!
  • Jumpropegirl5467
    Jumpropegirl5467 Posts: 98 Member
    Very motivational! Great routine. Do you feel you have lost any strength? GREG
    Hi Greg, I definitely feel I have gotten stronger, waaaay stronger than before. I am able to lift things with ease, get up without pain and so much more.
  • xbowhunter
    xbowhunter Posts: 999 Member
    You look amaizing! Kudos to you... :)
  • Darlene_Oregon
    Darlene_Oregon Posts: 127 Member
    You look great! Keep up the good work!

    I'm glad to hear you eat a balanced diet and were still able to lose weight. I don't like to eliminate complete food groups from my diet. It's wonderful losing weight, but to be truly healthy, I believe it's good to get all the nutrients our bodies need.

    I also like a lot of protein in my diet but I also include carbs (mainly in the form of veggies, berries and citrus). Oh and I like to include healthy fats (extra-virgin olive oil, avocados and avocado oil, salmon, chia seeds, walnuts). The last two years I lost 30 pounds in about four months each year. But I gained it back because I tend to enjoy my cocktails. Boy, that habit will sure put the weight on! I'm working on giving that up (hopefully for more than four months this time).

    You've really given me motivation. I'm going to try your nothing but water diet :) Thank you!
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