Back again

Becciday92 Posts: 1 Member
I am joining back again after a couple of years. I lost 35 lbs in 2020 and now with life back in full force my exercise plan took a hit going back to the office. I gained 20lbs back in 6 months. Here is to getting back on track!


  • Sassymom1976
    Sassymom1976 Posts: 6 Member
    I too just recently came back to get back on track. You’ve got this! One day at time!!
    I’ve been successful for the last few months and have been slowly adding new goals as I go.
  • mtaratoot
    mtaratoot Posts: 13,175 Member
    Welcome back!

    Stick around this time to prevent the regain. Get it off and keep it off. Go ahead and start planning for maintenance before you get there. It's really just the same as losing with one minor difference - a few more calories each day.
  • JohnG2073
    JohnG2073 Posts: 16 Member
    You will do great!