Introduction and looking for friends

Hi I am Carley, I am 40 years old from Australia. I am a support worker so quite active. I would like to lose 24 kilos this year. I'd love to make some friends to get some support and motivation also to give it back. I am on day #5 of intermittent fasting.


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    Welcome to the community Carley!

    Your goal is a little bit on the aggressive side at 2 Kg per month, but it's possible. What is your current weight and height?

    Time-restricted eating is a tool many people find helps. It's not magic. It only works if during your eating window you eat fewer calories than you burn. I trust you are also using the food diary to log all your meals and anything else you eat and drink. That's the best way to start.

    You have a goal that's challenging and attainable. Check!
    You have a goal that's got a deadline. Check!
    You are using at least one tool to work towards the goal. Check!
    Next steps are to be consistent and stick to it, to look back at your progress after a month or so to see if you results match your expectations, and then see if you need to alter your goals and/or methods to reach them

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    2 kilos a month is 500 grams a week which is quite healthy :) For me any loss is a huge positive, no matter how small it is right? It all adds up.

    Yes I am and I am staying under my calories, I am not eating back my exercise calories either. Right now I am taking meal by meal and trying my best to stay positive.

    When did the name change from IF to TRD? I am curious why?

    Thank you for your support, I appreciate it.
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    Two Kg per month is probably OK for a while, but as you get closer to your goal, you might consider slowing down. Maximum recommended rate is 0.5% to 1% of your body mass. Just keep an eye on it. If you're running a larger deficit and not eating back exercise calories, you're increasing your deficit. If you plan on not eating back exercise calories per se, maybe check out Sailrabbit or another TDEE calculator to set a daily calorie goal that includes all your normal activities including intentional exercise.

    I use the term "time-restricted eating" instead of "intermittent fasting." To me, fasting is going without food and sometimes water. If I eat today, I'm not fasting. Then again, there's a meal we call "breakfast," that literally means to break a fast, in this case an overnight fast. Perhaps it's just semantics. I think what most people who are trying IF are doing is saying, "I will only eat between the hours of X and Y." To me that's restricting your eating to a certain time period.

    I do IF. I usually do about 16:8. I try to sleep about eight hours per night, and I only eat when I'm awake.
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    I use that site and have based my calories off that, I am currently eating 2000 calories, which is 400 below my TDEE. Everywhere I read states its safe to lose up to 3.8 kilos a month, and my goal is below that. 😁