Return to myfitnesspal after years of dropping out

I wanted to introduce myself. A long time ago I used myfitnesspal for a healthy lifestyle change I started walking for exercise for the first time in years. For me, this is a big deal because I could not motivate myself for years and years. My goal is to walk 30 minutes a day. Some days I break up the time in 2 different times which still adds up to 30 minutes. I have gained a lot of weight and I must lose. My life depends on this. I would like to hear about other people's experiences with their weight loss journey.
May we all meet our goals and cheer each other on.


  • mtaratoot
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    Welcome back to MFP @Acbeach1486

    There's an entire category here dedicated to people's success stories. Check that out and see how people have made the most of their experience. Then feel free to share YOUR success!