Back again, looking for friends in Oklahoma!

Not really new here, just back again 😞. Gained and lost some over the years (highest was 311, lowest was about 255) over the years but back up to 290 and just overall not feeling great lately so trying to find some friends for support, to share recipes and just chit chat on the bad days. Good talker and great listener! Almost 31, no kids but have tons of dogs so if I actually make any local friends (I'm in Shawnee) who might want to meet and and just take dogs on a walk one day I'm totally down!

Also here for non-local friends in similar situations, mainly those who need to lose 100+ lbs like I do or other women with PCOS who may have advice! I enjoy chatting in general and wouldn't mind some long distance friends too ☺️


  • nossmf
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    Not a woman, don't live in Oklahoma, don't have 100+ lbs to lose. Three strikes, guess I'm out! Won't stop me from welcoming you to the community, and wishing you well as you pursue your goals!