Bit miffed really



  • GemmaRowlands
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    Firstly, don't get disheartened. Weight loss can be weird - especially for women of certain ages where hormones play an unfairly major part in deciding whether we get a loss or not.

    Secondly - make sure you're counting everything accurately. Everything you eat, even if it's only something tiny that you don't think matters. I also think that MFP tends to overestimate calories burned during exercise, so if you're eating those back then I suggest you don't eat them all.

    Thirdly - Good luck!
  • cjohn2278
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    This is totally nornal...I always gain for at least one week, sometimes two when I increase my workouts especially when adding strength training. Don't give up!!!
  • SkimFlatWhite68
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    Weight loss is not linear. Your weight fluctuates from day to day and week to week, as long as the number is going down from month to month, that is what really matters.

    I know it's hard, but have you thought about putting away the scale and concentrating on the things that you can control:

    - staying within your daily/weekly calorie goal
    - hitting your macros
    - chosen daily exercise/step count

    And measuring your success based on:

    - clothes fitting better
    - the way you look in the mirror (take a photo every fortnight)
    - measurements (every week or fortnight)

    When people see you in the street and say "wow, you look great" they don't whip out a set of scales and ask you to step on so they know your weight - it's all about what you SEE and how you LOOK and FEEL that counts.

    I have lost almost 30kg (66lb) and sometimes it's been difficult when the scale stalled and I wasn't losing weight, but I was still losing FAT and SIZE, and I got there in the end. It takes baby steps, perseverance and patience :smile:

    Best of luck - stick with it and you WILL get there.