Eating 3 Oreos per day instead of 2



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    …Or is it about getting permission from random strangers to eat a cookie?

    Oh, well put.

    For me, that’s probably subliminally why I publicly berate myself on my friends feed for lapses.

    Hadn’t thought of it that way, but so so true.
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    It's OK to spend some calories on things just because you enjoy them as long as your overall diet is reasonably nutrionally sound.

    159 calories ( 3 oreos at 53 calories each) is easy enough to fit into any calorie allowance leaving plenty of room for higher nutrition items as well.

    If someone is on a 1200-1500 calorie a day plan, the 3 Oreos is over 10% of their caloric intake. Not much wiggle room to get optimum nutrition with the 3 Oreos on a daily basis.

    I disagree.

    If one uses 10% of one's allowance on Oreos that leaves plenty of wiggle room for good nutrition. 90% good nutrition diet would be fine

    I see thread has now morphed into whether we like taste of Oreos ourselves - but that wasn't the question.

    So you think someone on 1200 calories a day eating 160 calories daily isn't shortchanging themselves nutritionally? I don't agree.

    Correct - I think someone on 1200 calories ( although nothing to suggest OP is on 1200 calories) can fit in 160 calories of ' just because I enjoy it' food without short-changing themselves nutritionally.

    Completely agree. I’m rather small and have a low ish TDEE so when dieting I have to be pretty close to 1200. If I didn’t fit in a treat of about 150 calories then I wouldn’t have made it to 90 days for a diet break. In fact, I don’t think I would have made it 2 weeks. Dieting is as much mental as it is physical. I typically gage where my hunger is at that time and decide what type of treat makes the most sense. Not especially hungry- whatever sounds good. Hungry- I’ll go for something that tastes like a dessert but healthier. A cup of low fat cottage cheese mixed with a dash of sugar free pudding powder and 1/2 a banana for example. Anytime I’ve tried to establish rules of “bad and good food” it’s wreaked havoc on my diet and emotional wellness. And if I add a little more than I anticipated, then I count it as part of my weekly overall calories. It took me a very long time to figure this out for some reason.

    @CrazyMermaid1 💯 When everything is new you’re so scared to mess up and the question might not be the question at all. This in turn leads to varying posts because we don’t understand what the OP is thinking. Is it really about 1 more Oreo, about being exact on the number allowed, if you can mess up your diet by having 1 more, you get the idea, it’s really up to interpretation.

    I’ve enjoyed reading these comments because there’s no wrong answer here and someone might hit on exactly what the OP is thinking or going through.
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    3 pages about Oreos! Who would have thunk it! lol
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    What if this is what the OP meant to ask???
    Eating 3 Oreos per day instead of 2
    I want to eat 3 PACKAGES instead of 2 PACKAGES

    Will this make a huge difference for dieting. I’m actually thin right now but I don’t really want to gain weight
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    I note that the OP has not participated much in the discussion. And I also seem to be in the minority in terms of being more concerned with the OP's apparent mental outlook as opposed to the mechanics of fitting oreos.

    "I want to eat 3 instead of 2 Will this make a huge difference for dieting. I’m actually thin right now but I don’t really want to gain weight"

    -- Screen name and presumed maintenance status indicate 2 to 2500 Cal days. Not 12 to 1500 Cal and not even 15 to 2000. Yet 50 Cal worth of cookies is up for discussion, i.e. 2% of calories for the day.

    -- why are you "DIETING" if you are "THIN RIGHT NOW"?

    -- if you are "thin right now" -- why is the word "really" injected into the sentence "I don't really want to gain weight"?

    Why is my first reaction to think that when someone says they don't "really want to" it is not exactly the same as "I don't want to". i.e. I don't "really want to" sounds as if you've been TOLD you're supposed to.

    -- why are you self describing as "thin right now"? Do most people who maintain after dieting say "I am thin right now"? Or do they say: "I am at goal/maintaining/I've lost enough".

    Dunno, but "don't really want to gain weight" is a bit of an eye brow raiser for me, especially in the context of a single cookie.
    THIS. All of this is why I 100% agreed with neanderthin's reply to the OP and why I disagreed with the opinion by someone else that neanderthin was being rude or trying to be funny. Many red flags.

    I had the same thoughts about the OP and assumed neanderthin did as well, which informed his response, which I thought was fine.

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    It’s hard for me to remember how it felt when I didn’t understand the concept of calorie consumption. So is their question really about calories? Or is it about getting permission from random strangers to eat a cookie?

    So many people come here with food myths. Heck, I participated in the VA MOVE program and our facilitator, a nurse, spouted a lot of food myths. I don't find questions like in the OP odd at all. (There were red flags, which is different from being odd.)

    At least the OP realizes they don't have to be keto in order to loose weight ;)