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From fat to fit

jjford6136 Posts: 1 Member
To give a description of my previous build, I was 200lbs and about 5'3 at 12. Saying it was rough was an understatement, the constant bullying, breathing from walking up the stairs, I couldn't do anything. I hated looking in the mirror and I finally wanted to make a change. It doesn't have to be this complicated thing, it started with a calorie deficit and walking 10 miles a day. I was focusing on protein too to not become skinny and weak. Slowly I started dropping the weight, week by week, months passed and I dropped 70 pounds. Down to 130 however, I wasn't satisfied. My new goal was to put on weight and build a massive physique, in the middle of this transformation I moved. A fresh start, and new opportunities, that's when I found my passion for powerlifting, and ended up putting on 30 pounds of muscle. If I have anything to say it's TRUST THE PROCESS, I was fat then I was skinny then I am muscular. I will say tho the bullying does not stop, I still get bullied about lots of things, I just don't let it get to me anymore. 14 now btw, and continue to workout and push through everyday, just thought I'd share my story


  • nossmf
    nossmf Posts: 10,036 Member
  • themommie
    themommie Posts: 5,027 Member
    Congrats. It’s not easy but you are killing it and reaching your goals. There will always be negative people and there hurtful comments. But you are a warrior
  • slimmerjesse1
    slimmerjesse1 Posts: 15 Member
    wow. good job.
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