Maintaining Weight as a Lifestyle change

So, this is my third time at this stage. I am not working out regularly. I am more of a casual walker who participates in 3Ks to support causes. I lost 55 pounds and am in the 150s. My biggest weakness is sugar. I have been introduced to the Keto chocolate (Lily's chocolate) which has made a difference. One other practice I am doing is intermittent fasting instead of eating breakfast, I am drinking the Vitacup green tea as well as adopting a low carb diet for lunch and dinner. Eliminating bread, starches, and sugar. We are 7 months in. Also weighing once a week and logging into My Fitness Pal daily. We are trying to do this for life.


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    Nicely done!

    I have been in maintenance at 150lbs 5'7" male since Oct 2023. My weight fluctuates a fair bit. Today I am up to 155lbs.

    The extra 5lbs I am carrying is directly related to alcohol consumption from the weekend. :) I feel bloated today and my jeans are a bit snug so it's time to get to work again and peel off 5lbs... lol
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    Welcome, @herbernita!

    The biggest help for me in maintenance is giving yourself a "good enough" range of weights, not a single number. In other words, don't focus strictly on "I have to weigh exactly 150" and then freak out when the scale reads 151.

    Instead, give yourself a 6 pound range, or 3 pounds on either side. Instead of "150 or bust" it becomes "anything from 147-153 is perfect." (I personally allow 5 pounds on either side, but some find more comfort in the smaller range.)

    Normal water retention comes and goes, an extra large meal takes longer to digest, lots of reasons for small weight fluctuations, as @xbowhunter made reference to in his situation.