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Imagine my shock reading that MFP will be taking away the newsfeed.

WHY?? It doesn't make sense. The newsfeed is the easiest way to keep up with all our PALS!! Going to community and trying to catch up with friends there takes alot of time...time that alot of us don't have. Some of us have only a few minutes each day...with the newsfeed we use that precious time to catch up with our "PALS" you can't do that at the community.

Having the newsfeed is what makes MFP uniquely different than all the other fitness apps we could use and what keeps most of us here.

I can't speak for everyone here but my MFP friends have helped me through some of the toughest, happiest, greatest, times of my life. They have picked me up from the lowest of lows, held my hand through stressful periods of life and shouted from the rooftops celebrating my victories!!

The fitness journey is much more than just workout and diaries. It's living life to the fullest and my friends here have supported me every step of the way!! Taking away the newsfeed would take this relationship away from all of us. These people were connections I met here years ago that I now call family!! We have created friendships that run deeper than just support for our health journey. Don't take this connection away from us!!

I appreciate that you are looking for ways to improve MFP but taking the newsfeed away does not achieve this!!

I hope you listen to all the members that don't want to lose the newsfeed...I know if it's gone I'll be taking my premium membership elsewhere


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