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Okay, all you high-fructose-corn syrup haters......


How's about a little devil's advocate??? I'm sure there are probably other threads with similar messages, but........well, I just felt like stirring the pot a bit.



  • Showcase_Brodown
    Showcase_Brodown Posts: 919 Member
    You are so evil.

    Yup, at the end of the day, HFCS is basically the same thing as table sugar. And fruit is good for you.

    Was there more to this? For having such a provoking topic, it wasn't as earth-shaking as I'd hoped.
  • CoachReddy
    CoachReddy Posts: 3,949 Member
    As with everything it's a middle ground. Even in the article he affirms the value of the GI (or better yet GL) index and agrees that too much added sugar is not conducive to achieving good health, and that's what HFCS is - added sugar.

    Eating fruit is and always has been fine, but when you load up your diet with more and more foods that contain HFCS (especially since most people don't KNOW it's in there) it creates problems for your system and can - over a long period of time - lead to insulin resistance.

    Is HFCS inherently different from fructose? Not much. But when even your BREAD contains it, eating too much of it is far too easy for the average consumer who doesn't know any better.