Insomnia and middle of the night eating

I have insomnia which is getting better but I also have restless legs syndrome (RLS). I usually wake up from RLS after about an hour of sleep and then I have to get up and wait out the RLS which is sometimes 2-4 hours of being awake. I have been binging during this time on the most unhealthiest of foods :( usually around 1-5am.

I am struggling with this and I know that if I am able to sleep through the night, I will not eat which is my goal but RLS is preventing this. I take gabapentin and magnesium for it along with lamotrigine. I am going off of mirtazapine which can cause RLS and my hope is after I am off of it completely, the RLS should stop. But the waiting is hard and I have no patience lol!!!!

Does anyone else struggle with middle of the night eating (binging)? How do you cope?


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    Hi there! I am in the same boat as you. I actually wake up multiple times at night. I have no clue what wakes me up, but I surely wake up full of energy to run a marathon during the night. Usually 1 1/2 hour after I fall asleep and every 2-3 hours then on. I eat within seconds of waking up, as if I am programmed to go to the fridge/cupboards. I eat unhealthy as well during the nights. But I have tried removing "unhealthy" foods, and I still continue to binge whatever I can get my hands on. Seriously every day I feel worse and worse and hope it will change..
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    I can relate to you all - this is something I have tried and it’s been working- a flavored diet soda.
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    I scheduled later dinner, bedtime snack and middle of night snack which i prepared earlier so it was easy to get and eat.

    If i did not need, i did not eat. This gave me the permission and relief to eat or not, and the middle of night eased off. Later, bedtime snack eased off too.

    For a long time, the crazy urges returned when life stress hit... so it is important to practice non-food solutions to non-food needs/urges to eat extra.

    My calories for the day began after i got up for the day for breakfast. Middle of night eating, i consider post-dinner eating, same day as dinner.