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Not new to MFP but new to community discussions.


  • chris_in_cal
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    dewitttm wrote: »
    Not new to MFP but new to community discussions.

    Nowadays it is about the only game in town. MFP is tough to get any peer support with their recent changes. Welcome.
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    Hello, and welcome to the Community! I see you've had an MFP ID for a few years now, as have I. (I joined the year before you did.) How have things been going for you so far? What goals do you have, and have you been able to make progress?

    There are some great groups/threads in the Motivation and Challenges parts of the Community. If you read their intro posts, perhaps you can find one(s) that suit your style. That can be a good way to get support.

    But don't be hesitant to post comments or questions in other areas, too. I think there are benefits to be had from the MFP Community . . . that happens when people participate.

    Wishing you success!