This is what "2 lbs" looks like

I don't think this is major enough to share as a "success story", but I thought it might be helpful to those who are presently fighting with the scale. I got serious about losing weight 11 weeks ago following a partial molar pregnancy that increased my chance of getting cancer this year. The first few weeks I was cruising along, and lost 10 lbs pretty quickly.

Over the past 4 weeks, I've upped my training, but watched the scale really stall. In six weeks, I've only lost 2 lbs. I was feeling pretty darn discouraged, especially since starting Body Revolution, and getting to the point where my running intervals in C25K have been over 15 minutes at a time. I knew I was getting smaller and stronger, but couldn't figure out why the hard work wasn't showing up in my numbers. My husband mentioned that my weight loss is most noticeable from the back. I didn't believe him until I took a photo yesterday, and compared it to one from 6 weeks ago.

Apparently, this is what 2 lbs looks like:

It made me feel a lot better about my progress...I definitely recommend taking pictures/measuring (which I just started) to track your progress, as well as using the scale. Sometimes it's hard to see how far you've come without a concrete reminder. :)


  • WestCoastWild
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    Nice! Looks like some fat loss and muscle gain :)
  • la8ydi
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    I've found that happening to me as well - it's like the scale doesn't move, but my clothes are fitting much looser. I guess that's what matters!!! Keep on truckin' :-)
  • missomgitsica
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    One of the points of working out is building lean muscle; lean muscle is what actually burns fat. So you're building muscle, which is good, but it is heavier than fat.
  • IbiH
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    I was discouraged for a while too as I wasn't losing any more weight. I've been the same for give or take a few lbs here or there since December. Over the past few weeks people have have been commenting that I've lost more weight and look really good. My secret walking/running. It's been my drug!!!
    Toning up certainly makes a difference.

    OP time for some cute new outfits....... :-)
  • mcjmommy
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    Love this! Good for you :smile:
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    OP time for some cute new outfits....... :-)

    I like how you think ;)
  • cateyedkp
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    One of the points of working out is building lean muscle; lean muscle is what actually burns fat. So you're building muscle, which is good, but it is heavier than fat.

    It's funny- people always say this, but I think this is the first time it's ever been true for me. I don't feel like I've ever put on enough muscle for it to hide fat loss- but Jillian is one tough beeotch! I'm loving Body Revolution.
  • Dan_73
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    Great job
  • aliencheesecake
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    That's awesome!

    If you're gaining muscle, the scale can be deceiving. I've been doing this a year and only lost 8 pounds, but I am a lot stronger with more endurance!
  • :0 That is really incredible!
  • bennettinfinity
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    Good work and great advice!

    I've been stalled for about a month and needed a good success story today!

  • 12skipafew99100
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    Wow, this is a remarkable difference. Good work!
  • escloflowneCHANGED
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    I was expecting to be disappointed by a useless thread, happily surprised!!!

    Very noticeable, good work!
  • seilidhe
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    Congratulations! You're looking great! Keep up the good work!

    (My problem has been almost the opposite... the scale numbers are going down, slowly but steadily. However, the numbers on the measuring tape seem to have just gotten stuck where they've been for the past couple of months. (Some, not all, of my slacks feel looser, some of my shirts feel a bit roomier, and none of them by that much. Yet, people say they can see a difference, even if the measuring tape and I cannot. I don't understand it, but since it appears to be working, somehow, I'll take it. ;) )
  • Curvimami
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    That is fantastic!! Definitely put on some muscle and shrunk in inches, it looks like you lost alot more than 2 lbs. Congrats! And keep up the great work! :flowerforyou:
  • awesome work. keep it up.
  • ChristineinMA
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    Awesome - you can really see the difference!
  • Congratulations! I feel the same way. I've gotten really serious about losing weight. I've been cranking up the exercise and eating healthier. The scale has not moved down, but up. I keep pushing, because I know my hardwork is going to payoff. You look amazing and give me inspiration.
  • Looking good!

    Also, I'm sorry about the molar pregnancy. I've had more than my share of losses and it's really hard.
  • Awesome that you posted this...lots of newbies need to read this! Would probably help them push through and not give up!! WELL DONE!!!! :happy: