Granola Bars are evil

I recently posted in here about my fear of eating bad because of vacation and celebration, and how i thought it'd change because i'd be back and I'd be better. I come back, and I do exercise, but now i'm still eating like crap. What's worse...I'm eating a ton of granola bars on top of my already allotted for the day. stomach gets the feeling that it is satisfied by only those things.

One: does anyone know a quick stop alternative to getting rid of those cravings
Two: What is wrong with me? Did i let myself enjoy vacation too much and "widen my stomach". Am I exercising too much?
I was rollerblading every day this past week.
I just don't know what to do anymore to maintain 114 at 5'4". and I feel like after this trip i've just been so bad about eating.


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    Try oatmeal instead to see if that helps.
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    Good idea! I really need to start relying on that and veggies, when the cravings hit. Thank you!
  • You are at the lower end of the normal weight range for your height. If you are struggling with hunger when eating a maintenance level of calories for that weight, it might mean your body is not meant to be at that low of a weight.

    As for the cravings for granola bars, I would just keep eating them if that's what you really want. Eventually you'll get tired of them and not want them all the time. But also think about whether it's truly granola bars that you're craving, or if your body is telling you that it needs nutrition/calories.

    I am a recovered anorexic and bulimic. I had a lot of issues with craving certain foods because I was constantly denying myself of them. And eventually I would break down binge on whatever it was - it was a vicious cycle. The only way to break myself of this behavior was to eat freely of those foods (ice cream, donuts, and sugary cereals were the big ones for me) when I wanted them. Once I got over the idea that they were bad foods that I shouldn't be eating, I didn't have the intense cravings anymore. And when I do find myself craving a specific food, I go ahead and eat it.

    It is extremely difficult to listen to and trust your body when you have food and body issues, but it is something worth trying.
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    Many of the granola bars I've seen have lots of carbs/sugars in them...I've discovered this last month that I do better and have less cravings if I keep the carbs/sugars on the low side of things and drink lots of water. I "treated" myself to a 7.5 oz Coke today, and that led to one hell of a binge of all kinds of things later in the day. Too, it could be that your body is just hungry!

    So, doubt anything is "wrong" with you and you're not "bad" and you didn't say you weren't maintaining. You having a little anxiety attack over letting go on vacation? If you're really freaked about the granola bars, get them out of your kitchen, car, desk at work, et cetera and stock up on something that's got less sugar or give up all sugar for a week and see if that doesn't calm those cravings.