Brassed Off



  • MatthewLewis81
    MatthewLewis81 Posts: 59 Member
    Ten weeks into the StrongLIfts program is about when you reach the 200lb squats, which is the point where a lot of guys start to really notice some muscle gains. My guess is that's what you're seeing. Do you notice any body composition changes, such as more muscle definition, thinner face or fingers, etc.?
  • Slatzuk
    Slatzuk Posts: 80 Member
    Currently at
    Squat 80kg
    Bench Press 55kg
    Overhead Press 40kg
    Barbell Row 67.5kg
    Deadlift 95kg

    Feeling loads stronger and clothes fit much more loosely.
    Guess I need to stop focussing on the scales and concentrate on the positives.
    New pb for 5km at local Park Run and shifting more weight than I would have imagined/dreamt of three months ago.