Food scale

Interesting! I bought a food scale, and low and behold...I have been under-estimating my food. What I thought was about 4oz of chicken was 2 oz, my oatmeal I was a few grams under,, etc etc etc.. Now I am going around weighing things like crazy LOL!!


  • fultimers
    fultimers Posts: 153 Member
    I made do for years with just a cheap non-digital scale. Now that I have the digital scale, I love it! I use it multiple times every day.
  • mellylq
    mellylq Posts: 50 Member
    I cook and bake a lot. I've been using mine to weigh entire amounts for the things I make, and I'm writing down the calories beside the each ingredient, so that I'll always know how many calories I've had...even when it's something with a lot of ingredients. I made homemade ham salad last night and weighed the entire chunk of ham. This food scale thing is da bomb!
  • eblakes93
    eblakes93 Posts: 372 Member
    I just bought mine and I am already in love. I like it because I don't really feel confined to 1/3 cup/1/2 cup etc anymore. I just eat what I want, measure and log. It was so nice to pour cereal into a bowl without putting it into a cup first!
  • Alatariel75
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    Mine live on my bench and I only "cup measure" liquid now. A good digital food scale is a must.
  • AllonsYtotheTardis
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    my food scale has been very helpful to me in this whole process. I find that since it's already on the counter, I'm also using it more when cooking/baking/portioning out food from bulk purchases.
  • _KrisMarie_
    Good for you for checking! I don't weigh everything, but I use my scale daily. It's very helpful!
  • elkahallick
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    I keep a scale at home and at work....... Both used daily!
  • doubglass
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    After a month I was able to stop using my scale. Could pretty much eyeball food and know the weight. Still get it out once in a while to see if my estimates are creeping away from accuracy -- hasn't happened.