Insanity Day 2!

Hi All - I just started Insanity yesterday and I figured I would check and see if anyone else started around the same time and wanted to be motivational buddies?!


  • Kjhelberg
    Kjhelberg Posts: 9 Member
    Hi! I just started yesterday too! Just finished the Day 2 workout! :) I thought there might be a slim chance someone else on here started right when i did. How is it going for you so far?
  • rosie5656
    rosie5656 Posts: 42 Member
    Day 2 and I am already feeling it! I am not too good with push ups (aka can barely do 2) so today was a struggle, but my sister in law was the same way when she started and she can do them no problem now (she's into the second month) so I'm hoping for the same results!

    I had been working out on the treadmill (running, walking on an incline, etc.) and I feel like this is such a better workout. Excited for Day 3! I do it in the mornings before work which now that I am doing it, seems so much easier than going to the gym after!
  • crackur
    crackur Posts: 473 Member
    up for you guys......I completed insanity around the beginning of july. I started this year with only 2 pushups and I went to 40 straight now. I will try for 50 in a couple of months.

    Keep up the good work guys.
  • SonicaBE
    SonicaBE Posts: 151 Member
    Hey!!! I started yesterday as well!! today is day 2 for me.
  • ttknowles01
    ttknowles01 Posts: 255 Member
    I just finished the first week of Insanity. This is round 2 for me. Completed round 1 last year :-)
  • sweetiebt
    sweetiebt Posts: 18 Member
    I'm just starting Insanity again for the 2nd time! First time around I saw great results, so I'm hoping to have one final push to my goal weight!!