I am starting to get back into my fitness regimen. I recently got Insanity and I am really excited to start it. However, I am really scared to because my cardio is horrible and I don't think I will be able to do it. Do you guys know if it really works? Im really afraid I won't be able to reach my goal weight :(


  • sweetiebt
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    It works if you stick with it!! I did 1.5 months of Insanity a year ago and lost 2 pant sizes! I like Insanity because I saw weekly results which kept me motivated. I didn't lost a ton of weight due to gaining muscle...but I lost tons of inches!! I am now starting Insanity again and hope to see some more results. I was horrible at cardio is definitely hard. I was way out of breath halfway through the warm up!! haha...but it got better...and now it is more enjoyable to run and work out because I'm not out of breath all the time like I use to. I say go for it!! Insanity will kick your behind..and you will hate/love you stick with it, you will see results. I saw results FAST!! Good luck...
  • bookworm_847
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    This is my second week of Insanity. I hear you about the warm-ups. Last week I kept thinking "How the heck is this a warm up? I'm already all sweaty and out of breath!" But it gets a little easier each day, and I'm already seeing some differences and getting better endurance.

    Just go at your own pace and do what you can do. Each day you'll be better and better at it. Good luck! I'm not even halfway through, but I definitely think it will be worth all the work.
  • crackur
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    Just do your best and stick to it. I completed P90x and then Insanity and now I'm close to finishing up BETA phase of T25. You just got to stay accountable and consistent.
  • chineyLuv
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    I completed Insanity a few months ago, and I'm now doing T25 (I missed out almost an entire week of workout last week, but I'm starting again this week). Best thing we can say is, don't look at the scale so much, make sure u take measurements. The scale is deceiving when it comes to Insanity....take ur time and go at ur own pace. Do NOT rush to go at their pace b/c u'll get hurt...Shaun T keeps saying "Form over Speed" and this VERY true!