looking for buddies!!!!

Hello!!! My name is Linda :) im 24, from Texas and am looking to loose some weight and am hoping to find some AWESOME buddies to can help keep me on track, and who in return i can keep on track :) we got this y'all!! im always interested in finding new workouts to try out. So if yall know any good ones get at me :)


  • Hey welcome! I will add you!! Love meeting new people!!
  • tmuellenberg
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    Hi Linda! This is a great place for support :) Feel free to add me, I love sharing ideas!
  • Hi Linda! Welcome! I've also just recently staarted so feel free to add me to your friends list (or anyone who sees this, too):-)
    If you want reports on different sports activities or food I'll be the right person. I'm not that buff but I try out different stuff and I'm constantly active.

    I started training TRX recently and it has been one off the toughest workouts I have ever had or Piloxing. :D TRX is great for the core and Piloxing is just awesome for fat burning aswell as some core strengthening with pilates exercises.

    Ella ^^
  • surfagirl1
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    Hi there, I'm just restarting after about a year off, I lost about 9kg then thought "sweet" now I'm noticing my habits are slipping back so wanted to kickstart Mfp :) it's great ;)