20lbs by Christmas- who's with me?



  • vanillacoffee
    vanillacoffee Posts: 1,024 Member
    This is exactly what I am aiming for!
  • SandraDee0372
    SandraDee0372 Posts: 3 Member
    I just started, and that sounds like a great goal! Count me in!
  • SandraDee0372
    SandraDee0372 Posts: 3 Member
    Good for you! You deserve a pat on the back! Looking forward to the scale going down for me also. :smile:
  • Count me in!
  • tinyzombie
    tinyzombie Posts: 128 Member
    I'm in!
  • Grafakos
    Grafakos Posts: 22 Member
    I'm in!
  • slimandfab13
    slimandfab13 Posts: 25 Member
    Would sure love to see myself 20lbs slimmer. That would be a great Christmas gift for myself. 30 lbs would be even better. Just have to eat in moderation during the holiday season and exercise. Hoho!
  • JLoRuthie
    JLoRuthie Posts: 375 Member
    Me, me. How do we find each other?
  • srosenthal1979
    srosenthal1979 Posts: 11 Member
    I'm definitely on board, if you're still accepting interested people! :)
  • spuds1316
    spuds1316 Posts: 28 Member
    I am definitely in. Need a goal as just starting back today.
  • 902sexxi
    902sexxi Posts: 32 Member
    I'd love to join! Count me in! How are we going about losing these lbs though?

    Here are my stats

    Sept. 21, 2013----195lbs
    December 2013---175lbs...hopefully
  • esha1234
    esha1234 Posts: 5 Member
    Im in...Please add me.
  • ktzala
    ktzala Posts: 3 Member
    I would like to join too, I am new here so I don't know how this works.

    My stats:
    Current weight Sept 21 - 205 lbs (93kgs)
    Goal weight Dec 25 - 185 (84 kgs)
  • Kaylee_law_123
    Kaylee_law_123 Posts: 450 Member
    I need to - am ordering my wedding dress just after Chrissy :-)
  • sonyajmelson
    sonyajmelson Posts: 1 Member
    i'm in! let's do this thang! :-)
  • Im in!! Please add me, I need motivational support! :D
  • I would love to lose 20 pounds by Christmas , feel free to add me a friend :-)
  • mhoeff1
    mhoeff1 Posts: 163 Member
    I would love to loose at least 20 by Christmas !!!!! dont know how we keep track with each other but im in. It took me two weeks to loose 1 pound so I am motivated pretty strongly and if anyone wants to add me for support go ahead and friend me
  • Count me in!

    feel free to add me, friends (:
  • MyHealthyTemple
    MyHealthyTemple Posts: 46 Member
    I would like to join too please. I definately need the motivation. I have lost 28 lbs so far but another 20 lbs would give me a good shove to getting very close to my target weight. A fantastic Christmas present to myself :-)