Well, it's a start

I hit double digits in my weight loss today. Down 10 lb.in a little over three weeks. I'm not doing a particular diet, just tracking my food in MFP and trying to ride my bicycle a little more (and a little more vigorously).


  • Congrats... I want double digits too... i'm working on it. Keep going...
  • PaulHalicki
    PaulHalicki Posts: 576 Member
    Keep going...

    I'd like to lose another 30 or so. That would take me into the "Normal" range in BMI. I know people argue how valid BMI is on an individual basis, but it seems to work pretty well for me. When I go from Normal to Overweight, I can feel the difference in terms of lack of energy, etc., and when I go from Overweight to Obese, I definitely feel worse still. So I'm shooting for Normal.
  • PaulHalicki
    PaulHalicki Posts: 576 Member
    Friday the Thirteenth = thirteen pounds lost!!

    I suspect at least of pound of that is water weight that will creep back on (I did a pretty vigorous bike ride last night), but since it matches with the day, I'll take credit for it.
  • nu2012
    nu2012 Posts: 562 Member
    That's awesome! And in just 3 weeks! Congrats
  • wizbeth1218
    wizbeth1218 Posts: 358 Member
    ... I'm shooting for Normal.

    This from the guy with a chicken on his head.

    (Just teasing!) Congrats to you on your progress! It's awesome how you are making small, realistic lifestyle changes and reaping the benefits. Keep up the good work. :drinker: Cheers to you!
  • DonnaAnn64
    DonnaAnn64 Posts: 74 Member
    Great job! Its success and progress!!
  • a84vikes
    a84vikes Posts: 13 Member
    Good job man keep it up.
  • PaulHalicki
    PaulHalicki Posts: 576 Member
    ... I'm shooting for Normal.

    This from the guy with a chicken on his head.

    I guess I should have specified Normal WEIGHT. Don't worry, if my internet persona is a guy with a chicken on his head, I can endure some teasing without trauma.
    TINAHUNTER1969 Posts: 219 Member
    congratulations on the weight loss you are doing brilliantly.

    I'm not on a diet either, I'm making healthier choices for the rest of my life combined with lots of walking.

    Not putting any pressure on myself, I've made changes I can stick to and I enjoy the walking. Might take me a while but I know I'll get there in the end :smile:
  • supermuslimgirl
    supermuslimgirl Posts: 96 Member
    I'm on the same path it seems best of luck!

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  • PaulHalicki
    PaulHalicki Posts: 576 Member
    We all want to be on the path to skinny!
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