Today is 9/11 and I haved mixed emotions....

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I look at what happened and think back to that day and the days following that horrible day in my country and I remember the bravery of those at the sites, people risking their life to save perfect strangers. Some of which were Americans some of which were not Americans but here on business and/or pleasure. I remember refusing to go home because I would not give into fear since that is what they wanted. I remember being angry that the sports world gave in and cancelled games or shut down awards shows just because it felt like letting someone win. I also remember how the American people came together for the betterment of everyone regarless of age, sex, religeon or polictics. So how is it that in less than 15 years I have been deleted off of "friends" facebook pages because we do not agree about topics from politics, to health issues etc. When did we become so polarized that we quit working together for the betterment of people in general?

Maybe this is why I spend more time on MFP than on facebook now. I have friends that I talk to, are concerned with and they have concerns for me, (God knows they should). How is is people I will never get to meet and have never met actually care for me regarless of the fact that I am or they are fat, skinny, losing, on maintenance etc. How is it we look past differences in philosphy and upbringing to make each other and the world a better place. May God, or whoever you pray to or don't pray to, bless everyone today as we all have been touched in some way. Thanks to those on my firends list and those I interact with that are not for the funny stories, exposing their weaknesses and in general putting up with me.

If you don't think you matter let me know and I will share perspective on life. you keep me grounded, raise me up and talk me off the cliff....

Thank you for your time,


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    Well said. I too have mixed emotions about the events of this day and all the unsung heroes who responded to help a country in need often without thought to their own health, well being or how what they experienced would change them forever. They just wanted to help. Lets take this day to remember and to look past differences and make this world a better place.
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    Well said!!! Love thi Country, the people who have lost their lives, the people who continue to fight for it and my Awesome MFP friends!! You guys keep me going!
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    May the bourbon bless you today as it has me this morning and will continue to do so today.

    Here's to hoping we can pull this all together.