Hey people. So I'm a 40-year old within about 7 lbs of my goal weight. Nearly all of my exercise is running, typically around 40 a week, training for my first 26.2 in just about a month. I have started adding core strength work as well, as I've found it's helped my form, and I'm trying to get back what ever muscle I can. Despite having lost ~45lbs or so, I'd actually like to try to get some abs and lose as much bodyfat as possible - each ounce I can lose is an ounce I don't have to lug around for 26+ miles.

Anyway, my office has a full staffed fitness center. They're just starting up an Insanity class in the next month. From what I've read, Insanity sounds great for my goals. Just curious if any primarily runner types have added Insanity, and what your experience was. Did it help pull off any stubborn lbs? Did it help your running?

Any experiences, recommendatoins, or taunts are encouraged :)