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I just wanted to throw it out there that if someone is mocking a post in the forums, it is ok to report that post to the moderators. There seem to be some real tools on the board lately. This isn't There are lot of people on here who really need good advice on how to improve health and lose weight, and posting a .gif of a facepalm (or whatever) is not going to help them in any way.

I like to see people succeed and am tired of the sarcasm, insults and mocking of posters who are looking for honest and genuine information. If you feel like goofing around, the Chit-chat, Fun and Games forum is happy to have you. If you feel like attacking someone you perceive as stupid, you may find Reddit more to your liking.

I want to encourage those like myself who are truly trying to help others to report the sarcasm posts and replies. Those kinds of things need to stay in the Chit-chat forum.


  • Hildy_J
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    *wades in*

    The 'troll' calling concerns me. It's like there's a competition to see who can be first to 'call troll'.

    Yes it might be someone being mischievous. But what if it isn't - you don't know for sure. What if it's a genuine person, a young and vulnerable person, who is worrying themselves sick about something.

    Who, in that situation says 'Go away, we don't believe you. We're going to ignore you and talk amongst ourselves on your thread.'?


    If you've been on the forum so long that newcomers make you paranoid - then it's really time to move on.
  • james6998
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    I totally agree, people come here looking for help, would expect help. Everyone is new sometime in their life at something. The last thing i would want to think is this forum being avoided because lack of friendly/helpful people. When i offer advice or provide information it is either based on personal experience or written proof somewhere thats not. Yahoo answers lol.