am i eating the right amount of calories based on this info

im 5 5 and I weigh 172lbs. my calorie goal is set to 1380. although ive been on here for a few months I still don't feel like im doing this the right way. I calculated my TDEE and it gave me 1380 but I never feel full. please take a look at my diary and if you cant see it add me. im sure its not how much I eat but what im eating and I would like some help. thanks


  • yarwell
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    Diary is closed :-(

    You don't need to fill full, do you ?
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    I'm 5'5" and 154 lbs and I've been losing at 1650 a day. It really depends a lot on your activity... if I didn't move at all, 1380 would be fine. I'm 35... age matters too.
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    Change settings for diary. It is closed
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    ill change my settings. also I have a desk job. I sit for seven and a half hours. I walk for 30 mins on my lunch break. pretty much the only exercise I get in is walking and a lot of people don't even count that as exercise but coming from someone who never moved hardly at all I do so im guessing 1380 is fine since I don't move around
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    you're eating more than 1380 quite often, up to 2000. A lot of it is carbs and your protein intake is sometimes low - try to keep the protein up at the expense of carbs.
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    Okay, looking at your diary, I can see you eat a lot of refined carbohydrates. Carbohydrates aren't evil, and neither is candy, but the problem is that you already have a relatively low calorie intake and using 300-500 of those calories for things like bread, little Debbie snacks, m&ms, and ramen isn't good because you're going hungry. Those things simply aren't filling, and they cause your blood sugar to spike and drop pretty rapidly, which makes you want to eat again when it does drop. Slow to digest carbohydrates, like whole grains, rice, and oats (which you do eat, so good there), will not cause the drop in blood sugar so quickly and will keep you fuller longer. Also, complex carbohydrates tend to have more fiber, which is another satiating nutrient.

    Another thing is you are lacking in protein. Protein is very good for making you and keeping you feeling full and satisfied. Try to eat more lean proteins like chicken, eggs, lean cuts of meat, and Greek yogurt. Supplement with low-calorie protein shakes if you need to (Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% whey is my favorite).

    Hopefully fixing those couple of things will help you with feeling hungry. Eating bread sometimes is fine, eating candy sometimes is fine, but when those types of food make up a good portion of your diet on a daily basis, you will feel more hungry than if you filled up on, say, a baked skinless chicken breast and a heap of vegetables or salad.