Sunday Run to Trade Joes- Food Recs?

Hey MFP Fam! It's Sunday and for most of us that means the weekly food run. I'm making the pilgrimage to Trader Joes with the boyfriend today and wanted to know if you guys had any good recommendations? I know this has been a thread before, but since they are always updating their products, I thought I'd bump it back up :)


  • Bella_Francesca
    Bella_Francesca Posts: 20 Member
    Putting some out there myself, I'm a big fan of the precooked lime grilled chicken, the premade salads to take for lunches, and the salmon burgers (only 100 cals each!)
  • rgrange
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    They have pretty good store brand beer. By good I mean awesome. I'm heading to pick some up for football today after my run
  • Francl27
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    Do a search, there were a lot of threads about it.

    Personally, I get the frozen shrimp stir fry, it's good, and maybe 160 calories for the whole bag. I like the gazpacho soup and their fresh salsa too. I love their Greek yogurt cups, less carbs than other brands (the fruit kind). The 100 calorie chocolate bars are a must too. I bought the reduced guilt mac'n cheese but haven't tried it yet.

    For more unhealthy stuff, I absolutely love their 'tarte d'alsace' (with the frozen pizzas) but haven't bought it in 9 months... need to splurge soon.
  • Toblave
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    Speculoos Cookie Butter ftw
  • NonnyMary
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    they have the best selection of dry grains,, Israeli couscous is so good! and not expensive. also I think I bought some "Peace Cereal (granola type) .. wow that stuff is so good.
  • Bella_Francesca
    Bella_Francesca Posts: 20 Member
    Thanks everyone!! This helped so much! If you'd like to follow what I purchased feel free to follow me on Instagram- @bella__francescax3 btw that's two of the underscores "_" in it :) happy food shopping!
  • writergeek313
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    I love that their quinoa is only $3.50 for a one pound bag. There isn't a Trader Joe' s in my area, but some friends were at one while they were traveling and brought me some quinoa, along with a box of the ginger cashew almond granola (it's great with yogurt!) and a few containers of the strawberry vanilla yogurt. That's a total indulgence since it's full fat yogurt, but I can have half a container of it once in awhile as a treat.