setting VO2 max on polar f6

I'm wondering if my settings are correct on my polar f6. I did a sitting test to calculate my VO2, and came up with 37. Other settings are
Resting heat rate 71

Concerned about the accuracy of the settings since I did my 3.5 mile run this morning in 46.25 minutes, and it said I burned 598 calories. This seems excessive even though I'm much heavier than the average runner. Before I changed this setting, I was getting a burn avg of 520. Must have something to do with the VO2 max change I entered, but thought the change would be downward in calories burned. Any idea how to properly set my f6?


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    Should be about 500 calories. 400 from exercise after removing BMR. So something in your settings is off. I do know there is no way to get a proper vo2 reading from sitting. So that's for sure inflated.