Has anybody done the 30DS modified cause of bad knees

Hi: I started the 30ds today and had to modified it because I have had problems with my knees hurting last spring. I did marching in place instead of the jumping jacks, lunges, etc. I plan on doing it MWF and was wondering if I would still get good results doing it this way.

I want to know if anyone had to chance it up and what did you do and did you get results just the same?



  • nibbynoo
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    i'm starting it tonight and have dodgy knees also!
  • lstroth1
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    I have to get back to it too. I can do the jumping jacks but the jumping in place was impossible. I would march with high knees instead. I also had to do it on a M-W-Sat schedule due to work and to give my body a break. I figure if I keep at it even modified will help me out.
  • Do you know what's wrong with your knees?

    I've done level 1 a few times with some friends. I have one bad knee and one horrendous knee. I didn't do anything that involved jumping. That's just asking for trouble.

    I agree that jumping jacks are a bad idea for bad knees, but why are you avoiding lunges? I've done them in physical therapy. As long as your form is good, they're usually ok.
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    I advoid the lunges because they are side lunges and I'm afraid I will twist my knee. Plus they are hard for me. I do try to do some of the squats, I just don't go down to far.

    No I don't know why my knee was hurting from time to time. I think some of it as to do with being overweight and not wearing good sneakers. I worked in a factory for over 30 yrs. standing all day long on cement floors so that probably didn't help either.
    What I did last Feb. was go to Fleet Feet and got fitted for good sneakers. They seem to help alot because my knee hasn't really hurt to much since I started wearing them. So for now I want to try slowly working in some of the knee exercises. I also have alot of weight to lose. I weigh 200 lbs at 5'1.5. which doesn't help.