When do you notice inch loss?

I just passed my first 20 lbs lost goal and thought Id measure myself since I hadn't done that in a couple of months. And there's little to NO change.

I'm not an avid exerciser - I'm kind of in the beginning of my weight loss journey and I've lost those first 20 lbs by simply logging what I eat, being aware of my intake, eating less, and running after two toddlers.

So I was curious - When did everyone else start seeing inches loss? After how many lbs lost?


  • Mokey41
    Mokey41 Posts: 5,769 Member
    It will depend how much you had to lose in the first place and how you carry your weight. Someone with a little to lose might notice a big difference with 5 lbs while someone with a hundred pounds to lose can lose 20 and see no difference at all.
  • AprilSchulte10
    AprilSchulte10 Posts: 95 Member
    That makes sense. I've got about 50+ still to go. So maybe once I get up in the 30-40 lbs lost I'll see something. It was just kind of a downer to see nothing. haha. :)
  • Michelle_dirtracer
    I lost 1/2 an inch on my hips in 2 weeks. But no weightloss. So everyone is different.
  • mrsohlson
    mrsohlson Posts: 9 Member
    After 6 lbs down, I noticed a loss of inches. However, at that point, I had been exercising regularly for about a month. I still have about 70 more lbs to lose... It seems that adding an exercise routine will change the composition of your body quicker than weight loss alone. Just my humble opinion though!
  • paigebolling
    paigebolling Posts: 65 Member
    I'm in the same boat as you. I've lost 15 lbs with probably closer to 60 more lbs to lose. I haven't noticed any inches lost but today I got to thinking that I would try on the pants I wore when I got married in March because I remember really having to suck it in to get them to button. I put them on today and didn't have to suck in at all so obviously I've lost something somewhere.
  • laurynwithawhy
    laurynwithawhy Posts: 385 Member
    Generally, weight loss happens in the kitchen (diet), body changes happen in the gym. I exercise a lot, so I might see no weight loss, but lose inches all over. In fact, sometimes I gain weight if I'm strength training, and will still lose inches even though there was a gain. I'd recommend more exercise, especially weight training. Good luck!
  • SailorKnightWing
    SailorKnightWing Posts: 875 Member
    I've lost two pants sizes but no inches...
  • MammaMouse
    I've yo-yo'd before and lost 16 lbs just by diet, without noticing any inch loss at all. This time around though, I noticed after I'd been exercising regularly for about a month. I think it was around 10-12lbs gone?
  • mandieschmitz
    mandieschmitz Posts: 10 Member
    I personally gave up measuring after the first few months. I was down over 50 pounds and my inches kept going UP rather than down. I have a lot of weight to lose so I think it keeps shifting on me (dropping, etc) so it makes my measurements jump all over the place. So I'm going by my clothes :)
  • dangerousdumpling
    dangerousdumpling Posts: 1,109 Member
    I lose inches by lifting weights. My pound loss is very slow. Enough to really annoy me if I let it. When it starts to bother me I measure myself and I usually see that even though I haven't lost pounds I have lost inches. My advice is to start lifting weights. It will change the shape and size of your body and as long as you are the size and shape that you want to be you will care less about what the scale says.