anyone else noticed weight gain when moving in with a spouse

As soon as my hubby and I moved together I noticed that I have been cooking more and eating even more. we have lived together for some time now and I have made some healthier choices but its hard keeping weight off once I lose it. he isn't interested in any of the healthy foods I eat besides a couple fruits and veggies. everything he eats is loaded with salt and fried in grease. he supports what I am doing but he doesn't think its necessary because he says im fine and of course that's what hes supposed to say but is there something about moving in with your mate that causes you to eat more or is it just me


  • Well first of all it's very common to have your eating habits affected by those around you. Unfortunately this doesn't usually apply to the junk food eater, it only affects the one trying to eat healthily.
    And secondly, I think once a person settles down a certain degree of effort goes out the window because they don't feel they need to be attractive to outsiders anymore.
    'Ring > waistline' logic.
  • joannadalina
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    Yup. I am with you on that.

    Last May I broke up with my ex of 5 years and dropped 20lbs.

    I then met my current fiance and gained those 20lbs back. We moved in together and I gained 5lb more pounds.

    Happiness makes you fat, what can I say? At least for me it does. Lol.

    Best of luck :)
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    same thing happened with me, an my finacee will not touch anything even remotely close to healthy :(

    We have just come to an understanding that I will eat my way and he can eat his way and he is not allowed to interefere w/ my dieting or tempt me unnecessarily. He is very well behaved and supportive though.
  • prettigirl01
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    I still want to be attractive for him even though he says I already am and would never tell me im fat or disgusting the way I see myself but I think if we follow our plan and let them do their thing everything will work out. gotta have a supportive man though
  • SezxyStef
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    Yes x2..when I met him I was a bit heavier ...gained weight...lost some for the wedding....gained a bunch (30lbs) after we were married...and now it's off and I am smaller from when we met and more "compact" since I exercise more.

    And my husband is the same as far as food goes (he's 31 and not sure he can get fat to be honest) cream for breakfast with a side of chips...poutine (DF French fries with sausage, mozza chese and gravy) and I have a 19 year old son...

    But that being said I do most of the cooking and shopping for food...:laugh: so guess who doesn't have a choice but eat healthy (and yes they are both losing weight) :devil: ..even when my husband cooks he cooks for me not him....:love: ...he adds stuff for him and the man child tho support at it's finest.

    As for being attractive that is all about confidence for most men I know..doesn't matter if you are over weight or not if you are confident you are sexy and attractive..
  • Nufraser
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    Yes, It happened to me( moved in with significant other) and I am still trying to get the weight off. I thought I had a sweet tooth but he has got be beat! We use to eat out a lot but now, I do the cooking so I really try to make healthier choices. So I completely understand what you are going through.