Weekend entertainment (Without cheating!)

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Okay, so my partner and I are fortunately on this diet together which means one isn't going to annoy the other at weekend activities.

Our problem is, we work hard all week, go the gym and come weekend we find ourselves bored at 6pm. We go to the cinema A LOT and it is now getting dull (even for huge film lovers).

We are wondering what other people do at the weekend to keep themselves entertained without just jumping to restaurants and bars!

Also, we aren't super rich and saving for Christmas, so any budget ideas are even more welcome!



  • michael1976_ca
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    board games
    card games
  • mandieschmitz
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    My husband and I like going to the state park for walks or like you, going to see a movie. Bowling is our Friday night 'thing' and we like going to the local hotel pool to go swimming too. They let us in for $4.00.
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