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Dinner Ideas (no super low fat, processed substitutes, etc.)

walleymama Posts: 174 Member
I'm looking for recipe ideas for dinner that are not super high in calories. In browsing around, it seems all I can find are low-fat recipes with weird substitutes. One called for something called "zero fat chicken broth". What the hell is that? I make my own broth from chickens we raise ourselves, the fat is the healthiest stuff on earth! And I don't drink "zero fat milk", whatever the hell that is (white water?). Another recipe called for a 1/4 of diet soda - seriously?

I like real food, and I don't mind reasonable substitutes, like using plain yogurt instead of sour cream. But certain fats are healthy and I'd rather use less of it than substitute it for some freaky food that has had the fat sucked out of it.

Can anybody point me to a blog or website with ideas for dinners that come in under 600 calories or so, but are made with real food?