Question about Turbo Fire...

I know it's cardio-based, and my problem area is my stomach. I definitely need to lose fat there. My arms and legs are slim and toned, but I want to make sure with this program that they don't melt away! If anything I want my stomach to slim out and my bum to get rounder and toned if that's possible (sorry if that's TMI) . If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated! It arrives in the mail in 4 days and I can't wait!!!!


  • Amandac6772
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    I've only been doing it two weeks so I can't really say about that but do protect your knees...she's gives tips on how to do that throughout. It's a lot of twisting, turning and jumping. I took an extra rest day this week because of tweaking my knee and I know it was poor form on my part.

    It's an awesome workout!
  • stephnsuarez
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    Good job! Looking at your stats you're around my weight right now so good luck to us!!!!!!!!!
  • Scoobees
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    Oh yeah - I second the 'protect your knees' comment. I LOVE Turbo Fire and was entering my 2nd month when a knee re-injury put me out totally. Please follow the modifications if you need to; I didn't listen. Good luck - it's amazing!
  • DoreenN
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    Its intense cardio and intervals which are the best kind of cardio. Everything will get toned and slimmed down, dont worry. You'll see amazing results Im sure
  • mandy2128
    Yes, everything will be toned and slimmed down... turbo fire is an awesome program! I am doing it right now. :)