One Year Dieting Results :)

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Last year, with my birthday coming up, I weighed 84KG and decided to pull my thumb out and really work on sorting my physique out. I started kickboxing once a week in October, started jogging with my dog rather than walk and began to pay more attention to what I ate.

I promised myself I'd get to a state where I could wear a tight t-shirt and not be self-conscious.

I saw some results after a few months, which was pretty encouraging, and as I started to need new clothes, I saved a pair of khaki trousers for the classic "look at how much weight I've lost" photo :D

Once I got myself down to around 74KG not only did my weight loss begin to plateau but I decided I would fulfill my childhood dream of entering a martial arts tournament that was to take place in November and decided to target the under 70KG category. I needed to find a way to improve. It was at this point that someone mentioned this bloody excellent MFP app and it's forum community and since I have been using it weighing my food, my weight has dived off.

Unfortunately, after months of hard training and dieting, yesterday I was informed that the tournament had been cancelled due to lack of available referees due to the world championship taking place at almost the same time. Bitterly disappointed but there is always next year :angry:

To cheer myself up, today, the day before my birthday this year, I weighed in at 68.5KG, achieving my goal. I have basically lost as much as what my dog weighs lol. Absolutely delighted.

So here are the obligatory photos I suppose :wink:



While taking the 'trouser shot' I was accused of holding in my belly. I was so chuffed to admit I wasn't :glasses:

So, I just wanted to say thank you to the makers of MFP and to all on this forum who provided either advise or inspiration on both dieting and exercise stuff. I now look forward to upping my daily calorie limit to more of a maintenance level but need to ensure I keep around the 70KG mark from now on.


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