Attention heavy lifters!

If you didn't have access to free weights for a couple of months, but access to a bunch isolation machines on Tuesdays and Thursdays, how would you split your lifting? 2 examples:
• Option 1: Upper body vs. lower body
• Option 2: Split across opposing muscle groups (e.g. triceps on 1 day, biceps on the other)

Additional info: Walking/running cardio is done on M-W-F, and stairs are done on T-Th, so legs get massively disproportional amount of work versus upper body.

P.S. I know some are you are thinking "Bro, do you even free weights?" Yeah, yeah, I drank the compound moves Kool-Aid too. However, these are the current circumstances and for strength training isolation machines are better than nothing, yes?


  • mustgetmuscles1
    mustgetmuscles1 Posts: 3,346 Member
    Twice per week? Might as well do the full body both days.
  • jamiek917
    jamiek917 Posts: 610 Member
    agree- id do full body both days. stairs and cardio are great but its still body weight exercises.
  • FrauMama
    FrauMama Posts: 169 Member
    Agree: full body both days. I'd also incorporate stuff like plyo push-ups, one-arm push-ups, handstand presses, etc, to keep some of the compound movements. They are bodyweight, but can be difficult. Power movements might be a nice change-up if you don't have access to the heavier weights.
  • phjorg1
    phjorg1 Posts: 642 Member
    full body both days. nerd fitness to find body weight routines instead of crap machines.
  • coolraul07
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    Thanks for the responses; bump for more
  • jacksonpt
    jacksonpt Posts: 10,413 Member
    To your question specifically, I prefer push/pull splits. But really, assuming the splits are reasonable, it's mostly personal preference.

    I do agree with the others... unless you have injury issues, lifting 2x week would push me towards full body both days.
  • Cherimoose
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    Thanks for the responses; bump for more

    Basically what the others had said: Full body on both days, prioritizing compound movements (multiple joints move, like a leg press) rather than isolation movements (1 joint, like a leg curl). Also a few sets of bodyweight or resistance tubing exercises.