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Trashing the Wardrobe for Winter

Every year, on or about April 1st and October 1st, like clockwork (sad person that I am) I take a huge case down from my attic and change my wardrobe from winter to summer and vicky verky.
The case came down today - it weighed a ton, and my husband nearly had a hernia getting it down. What the hell was in it? he asked. It was all my fat clothes from last Winter.
When I actually went though it, there was damn-all that I could wear, apart from two stretchy teeshirts and one skirt that I had never hoped to get into again and one gothic skirt that I am damn well going to alter because it cost me a bomb. Its a black thing with laces up the back, now a size 22, and I have to get it down to a 14. It WILL be done!

So I now have two huge sacks of clothes in my hallway for the charity shop and another huge bag of stuff that I am laundering tomorrow to put on Ebay in the hope of gaining a few dollars to buy more clothes.

It stuck me - we DO hoard stuff. Even as I was losing weight at the end of March, I still put away all these mobile tents of clothes in the hope that I would perhaps still fit them in October - not a chance!

It was a nice NSV moment, but its costing me a fortune. However, I have learned a lesson, that big clothes should GO. they are only a crutch for the weak willed (me) and they should be dumped as soon as they cannot be worn without embarrassment.

I put all my summer clothes away - apart from the really loose ones. They too are hitting the benefit shops and Ebay. This way I have NO excuse. I cannot afford to re-replace this stuff although I need some winter clothes now. My coat looks like a sack on me (It cost $200) two years ago, but I'll be damned if I give it away - I'll take it in.

Losing weight may be an expensive pastime, but it certainly shows the difference even after six or seven months, when most of your seasonal stuff looks like it belongs in a wind tunnel!!

I wish you all the same wonderful experience!!


  • jchadden42
    As I was losing weight, I shopped at thrift stores/consignment shops. I found a lot of really nice stuff. I have taken in most of my skirts myself, but there are somethings I'm just going to have to let go. I think I'm ok with that.
  • Denjo060
    Denjo060 Posts: 1,008
    Congratulation on all the wieght loss you look awesome I cant wait to trash all my big clothes and get new ones
  • anlu37
    anlu37 Posts: 100 Member
    I can't wait to do this!!

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  • Diamond_lucy
    Diamond_lucy Posts: 89 Member
    Congratulations on your major NSV!

    I had the opposite experience when I started losing weight and I couldn't wait to pass on my loose clothes to my sister who was shadowing me in the weight loss stakes.
    Unfortunately, when I did a u-turn and started to put some weight back on my sister loved her 'new' clothes so much I conceded and bought new stuff!
    I'm hoping to overtake her again very soon ....: :laugh:
  • sarah456s
    sarah456s Posts: 98 Member
    Congrats!!! That's a great NSV!! I hope you can find some nice new things cheaply. But also, can you layer some of your summer clothes? Like wear the T-shirts with a cami underneath them and a cardi on top? At least during autumn until it gets really cold. That way you might be able to go a bit slower on the spending for new clothes.