I've made the famous low-cal brownie (PICS)



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    I'd like to give these a try, where can i find the recipe you used?
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    Oh my goodness, those are beautiful! The recipe looks very easy too. Thanks for sharing.
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    Well, truvia is pretty gross to be honest :/
    Mine tasted great. Maybe try using real sugar but less of it?

    I like Truvia to sub part of my coffee sugar, but that's it. Everything else I've tried it in has been ick.

    I just realized that I was mistaken. We used the Domino light (stevia and sugar blend) and that is worse than Truvia so I should have known better. LOL Our recipe was a little different, too, I think. I tossed it since 2 tries and both were terrible. The one we used had oats instead of flour.

    Now I'll have to try one more time with this version!
  • Bumping to try later.
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    Could I get the rest of the recipe, ie oven temp and baking time. May want to try them sometime in the future when I may have time to bake.

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    Hmm. May try.
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    Saving to try :)
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    Saving to try one day.
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