70 pounds down - pics

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I am still working on my fitness and losing the last 20 or 30 lbs! It's been a rough road but so definitely worth it!


Obviously, I'm the one in the pink shirt.


This is me now!

From a size 24 in pant size to a size 14!


  • heis4u2004
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    Looking great!
  • Wildflowerangel
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    Congrats!! :):)
  • tinana_RN
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    You look really good! Way to go!
  • Wildflowerangel
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    Whoops-- I wasn't done. :p You've done an amazing job so far. Keep up the great work! You're definitely an inspiration (especially to those of us who are about the same age as you). :flowerforyou:
  • Sherbog
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    BRAVO! Thanks for taking the time to share such a motivational post. Gorgeous and all the hard work shoes big time. Hope you continue to post and share.

    Shirley in Oregon GOOOOO DUCKS
  • BrendaLee
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    I have to say, you were rocking the size 24 quite well. Congrats on your loss! :)
  • myJOF
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    Awesome progress! Worth the effort. . .
  • AnabolicKyle
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  • inktotree
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    Thank you all for the kind words! :) Believe me, if I can get healthy and start treating my body better ANYONE can (this is coming from someone who could sit and eat a pack of Oreos by herself, who smoked before beginning her weightloss journey, and indulged in too many beers) I cut all that crap and am actually active now! haha It's just incredible!
  • Iron_Lotus
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  • miqisha
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    Amazing transformation!!!!!!!!
  • lulukittie
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    Keep up the good work-- you look great!
  • getitamb
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    U look great!!!
  • cjcmrn
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    wow you are rockin' it girl!!! be proud!!!!
  • melfitnesspal13
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    Looking fantastic!!! Congrats.....
  • YumemiruJin
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    Amazing progress! I hope you celebrated your loss with a few tasty snacks from German Village :)
  • MyLovesMyLife
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  • beuatiful before and after ! congrats on all your hard work ....thanks for sharing
  • Jesysca
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    What a great spirit and woman! I'd love to be your friends :) you inspired me ::)
  • enchanted_daydream
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    Excellent work! You look marvelous! Congrats :)