Where /how do you get your music?

coolraul07 Posts: 1,606 Member
Then (80s-90s): Columbia House/BMG subscriptions.
I used to order so much that it was actually cheaper than buying locally.

Now: Rhapsody.
I have a short attention span, so it's better for me to subscribe than buy. I was a Yahoo Music Unlimited (YMU) subscriber from their inception, then got grandfathered into Rhapsody To-Go for the same price as 2007 ($144/yr). I love the service, especially flexibility of streaming AND download, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE the Windows software. I was going to switch to Napster but Rhapsody gobbled them up too. So I suffer in silence until a better/cheaper to-go subscription provider comes along.


  • I heart radio
  • karl39x
    karl39x Posts: 586 Member
    Youtube downloader, flvto.com
  • Keebler1976
    Keebler1976 Posts: 70 Member
    I just conver from YouTube with >> http://www.listentoyoutube.com/
    or I tunes. I use to use lime wire/Frost wire but it's no longer active :-(
  • EmilyJackCO
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    :( I still buy CDs by the boatload.

    But for looking for new music, I have a Pandora One subscription... $36/year.

    I also use SiriusXM as provided through my DISH.
  • Danimal718
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    Youtube downloader, flvto.com
    Same here.
  • JenAndSome
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    Local record store when possible.

    Mostly I just listen to Pandora, though.
  • CubicalF13
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    I download music from non copyrighted music( NCM) channels on youtube and various other free websites. Basically NCM are youtube channels that share free music by new artists from all over the world who place no copyright on their music which allows it to be downloaded for free and legally. Usually these artists just want their music heard primarly to gain recognition from the public and possibly a contract by a future record company. They themselves approach these channels if not asked.

    Here example of NCM - http://bit.ly/16hHkwt

    There are NCM channels dedicated to all genres just search for NCM or non copyright music when searching on youtube. The music can also be used in your own home movies slideshows work presentations etc as there is no copyright infridgement so all legal;)

    Another great place to get free music is soundcloud. I also buy itunes tracks.
  • gerard54
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  • Articeluvsmemphis
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    CDs or buy individual MP3 songs I like (or $5.00 amazon albums)
  • g2214n
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    Soundcloud, Mixcloud, various pod cast and house music webs - all downloads for free as long as you become member..(that comes from Deep House freak)..
  • stephanieross1
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    youtube, radio, songza
  • I am using audials Tunebite to listen and record music from Internet sites as Spotify,Napster,Deezer.......
  • Sweetestthing87
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    I Heart Radio
    iTunes Radio
    Purchase iTunes

    Those all work for me!
  • ThePlight
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    I download it straight from my browser with a firefox add-on.
    Do I still buy music? Yes.
  • juliemouse83
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    I use Spotify. I subscribe so I can listen offline, too, which is nice.

    I also listen to Pandora, too.
  • randomtai
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    Is this a sting?
  • xvxCelticWandererxvx
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    Lately, it's been Spotify.
  • desgmz
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    Soundcloud, iTunes and iomoio.com.
  • ElizabethObviously
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    I have so much music on my ipod and other mp3 player that I do not really need more on there especially if I just use it out walking.

    Is Spotify worth buying premium?
  • Youtube downloader, flvto.com
    Same here.

    Is that site safe?