a little help

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I'm going to try and do my second bodybuilding show in Oct my first was in 2008 I'm full time in the Navy and stationed on a ship in FL. In 2008 I was on shore duty and could workout in the gym for 3 or more hours I had a split routine but the job demands do not allow the hours for a split routine. the diet is a breeze, I'm thnking of a 3 split but it's hard to get the hours need to cut.

All ideas are welcome I might not be in the best shape by Oct but I don't want to give up, getting in shape for a show is lots of fun for me, I just can't tweak the hours to fit the workouts


  • kaciemustlose
    This may sound a little silly, but maybe you could do just little things while you are AT work.... such as squats, or one-armed pushups off a counter? It may not be a total cut workout, but everything you do adds up after awhile! :happy: