Bulk, cut, or maintain (and lift, of course)?

<<Profile picture was taken yesterday. I'm thinking about doing a bulk in November/December, but not sure and frankly a little nervous. I'm pretty happy with my size, though I wouldn't mind dropping into a comfortable 4 (currently between a 4 and a 6), seeing a few more abs and a slightly smaller and firmer derrier and thighs (things you can't see obviously).

I've actually been maintaining for a while. I started a lifting program (modified SL) about a month ago to work on my lower half. I've been a hobby aerialist for 2+ years, so the upper body tends to get plenty of exercise, and I've actually bulked over the years through normal winter weight gain. I'm thinking about cutting slightly for the next month and then in November, either bulking a little or continuing to maintain.

So I'm curious what the opinion is based on my current physique. I could cut a little more into Nov., see where I sit and then ease back into maintenence, or try this scary bulk thing. :eek: <<there needs to be a smiley for this. That, or, :scared:


  • JoRocka
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    you want more abs- do more cut.

    there is a point where it gets in your head and you just have to back off- but if you are kind of meandering still- you could totally push for more of a cut. it's up to you. I am transitioning- I did a heavy cut for 6 weeks- which was after a meandering cut for like 3 months.

    I need to mentally get straight first- so maintain- eat a regular amount and then I'm going into a bulk. It has been harder for me than I thought pull out of a HUGE deficit to come back up. A lot harder than i thought. and that's okay- it's all a learning experience.

    It's really up to you. You could go either way as long as you are comfortable with it and mentally okay with it.
  • cdahl383
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    If you want to see your abs better you'll need to keep cutting and drop more bodyfat. But honestly you look like you're in great shape as it is currently.

    I think you need to decide what your goals are first before you start to do anything. Do you want to see your abs better? Then you should cut. Would you like to add more muscle to your frame? Then you need to bulk. Are you satisfied with how you look currently, then just eat at maintenance and continue exercising regularly to stay healthy.

    Once you decide what you want to do, then go after it and you'll succeed!
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    Thanks, all! I appreciate the opinions! It's looking like cut for the next month, then maintain. Of course, with Thanksgiving and Xmas, that could easily turn into a bit of a bulk. :-)
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    so I re-read this a little more carefully now that i'm not trying to multi-task.

    You weren't cutting leading up to this- specifically- more meandering PLUS maintenance- which has you where you are now.

    In which case if you want to see the abs- evaluate your TDEE again- and stick aggressively to tracking and training- and go for a legit cut. Give it a go for at least 6-12 weeks I'd say. I did a moderate cut- that stalled into a maintenance- and lost probably 6 weeks of what I thought was cutting- to maintenance- I was working my way through my cut for 3 months- with the last 6 weeks at a stupid deficit.

    So you have to go back and check- check for weight loss- keep tabs on the poundage or measurements- and do so regularly. Only because it's hard to tell if the general trend line is going to be DOWN if you only have 2 data points. I am bad about tracking measurements and weight- I just don't care that much... but it would have saved me some time (lost ) had I been more regular with it- because I would have caught on to the fact I stalled sooner.

    And it helps - mentally/time wise to bulk in the winter and cut through the spring into summer- esp if you are a beach go-er. it just fits nicely with the seasons. Unless of course you are planning a show of sorts- then clearly training coincides with that LOL. But if it's purely for YOU... no reason to bulk in the summer- you are just not going to be as happy most likely if you like going to the pool at all LOL