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In October I purchased a weight loss system that changed my life in learning how to eat; but for only ME to get in my way/"weigh" once again. During our cherry season my life changes dramatically and I wasn't prepared as I thought. So, here I am back to journaling. I have totally figured out that journaling my food, my thoughts, actions, and feelings is THE KEY to losing it and keeping it off.

I have lost weight and kept it off in the past 2 different times. All in the name of health- I'm not a vain person. My ultimate goal might be a vain number; but I'd rather set it high and say at 140lb or 150lbs... this is good enough versus getting down to 180lbs and saying that.

So onward I march to make my body feel better: heart, soul, mind, and body (feet, knees, hips, ankles, back, etc.)

I need to post a journal every so often to keep it real for me and to stop myself from self-sabotage.

My goal is to lose over 100lbs within one year's time and to learn how to control my emotions and food intake; plus exercise on a regular scehdule.


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    Off to a good start.... you've come to a great place!